Frequently Asked Questions

How much does your program cost?

There is no cost to families for youth transported to The Link by law enforcement. There are minimal fees from $25-$120, depending on additional services such as case management or on-site groups to families referred by schools or self-referral.

Does my youth have to come home with me even if the police bring them to The Link?

Yes. Parents/guardians are required to pick up their youth or arrange for the youth to stay with a relative or other responsible adult (must be 21 years old).  The Link does not place youth out of the home and is not a drop off center. A parent/guardian refusing to pick up their youth could be charged with abandonment and/or subject to human service involvement.  Please note a parent/guardian remains financially responsible for placement of their youth through human services.  

Who needs to attend the appointment?

A parent or guardian needs to attend the initial appointment with the youth.  

How will my youth’s information be shared?

Information relevant to making a referral for services will be shared when a referral is made.  Also, pertinent information for coordination of services will be shared with the referring agency, such as a school. Should there be an identified child abuse issue, human services will be notified as The Link staff is mandatory reporters.  

Does The Link provide mental health or substance abuse evaluations?

​ The Link is a community assessment and resource center and does not provide mental health or substance abuse evaluations on-site.  The agency works with community based providers to make referrals for such services.   

What resources/referrals do you provide?

The Link has listings for hundreds of programs and service providers from areas such as anger management, mental health, substance abuse, family and individual counseling, marital counseling, educational services, treatment centers and many more.  

How are you funded?

​ The Link is a 501(c) (3) non-profit. Community support is invaluable.  We invite you to make a direct donation to the program to support the essential services we provide to Adams and Broomfield Counties. Donations are tax deductible.  All donations will be acknowledged in writing, including the tax identification number for your records. Funds for law enforcement drop off is provided through an Intergovernmental Agreement with city and county law enforcement agencies.​